Two men in the field

What do you think? Two men in the field. Do they have sex? The laptop disposed in the back yard. One of the men lacks a front tooth. The other types with the viewer. In the background his friend make rhythmic movements. They walk two paces back and begin to masturbate. But you see nothing because the underpants stay on.

Jeez, the man without a tooth comes back and begins to give hand kisses. His tongue comes from his mouth as if he were giving a blowjob. So, a summer evening in Bulgaria. They get tips occasionally, but the way these men act, show to us that they are not gay.

Rather two friends who want to earn extra beer money. Do not expect anal action, meanwhile there is also a dog in the background. Are the men secretly masturbating when the wife’s away? Okay, five minutes later one of them is without clothes. He shows his naked ass to the camera.

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