Two Colombian men having anal live sex

Two Colombian men lying on each other. You only see the backside. The man on top pushes his penis inside his friend. He starts to fuck hard. The right hand of his friend massages his ass. This lasts fifteen minutes, with more than 640 viewers enjoying this live sex between two men. They are 22 years old and fairly new with their video show.

There is a tip, yes, you can also encourage them, it will always improve their show. The men don’t talk so much, it stays with live sex. After a short break, his “giving” friend returns, the boy goes on his knees and gives his ass. Ans still watching on his phone.. The men’s camera is bright, the sound works too. We know, because occasionally, there is a tip. Well then, you’ll see. Okay, what can we say more? It’s just action.

Two Colombian men live sex

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