Teacher Alex_mind gives masturbate lesson

So, what do you expect? A big dick? That too is coming, but then a little later than this picture. It starts small, but after a couple of horny talk and masturbation begins to grow. Teacher Alex_mind demonstrates first his cock and then his bulbous ass. Just for the record, he plays a role.

Just like everyone else in his life, actually you’re just a clown without a nose. As soon as you walk into the office you are starting to act. And now you’re watching a strange man on Chaturbate who is naked on you’re smartphone, or PC or table. Teacher Alex_mind know what’s going on in your head, and his head is hard. Do you have a place?

Our teacher knows how to act, he keeps his clothes on! All attention is given to the lower body. Oh wait, beard, glasses and vibrator anally inserted. SEX-ED’s on the board. The AssHammer doing his job.

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