OnlyDiamond such a nice metro boy

In this post a nice metro boy, OnlyDiamond. That’s exciting huh? No muscular guy who can pick you up and put you on top of his cock, no penis of a muscular man in your ass or pussy. OnlyDiamond is a metro boy, with cap and well cared body. Checkout his profile and see it by yourself. This boy could be a model with his sleek body and torn trousers. This sexy boy lies on the sofa, his jeans a little bit open. Waiting for your hands to touch him. Ready to pull his jeans off? Because that’s what we going to do. Or better, you tell him.

We go first with our metro boy in a private chat. He quickly undress, his lean muscular body is good visible. Slowly massaging he brings his hand down, of course straight to his well-washed piece of meat. It goes a lot further in our private chat, but that stays between us ;-). His pictures are waiting for you on his profile. You know him better with the information on his profiel and it puts you in the right mood!

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