Naked Viking from Eastern Europa with muscle and long hair

Chest hair, muscular and long hair. A live naked Viking from the East of Europe. Phil is a man with a strong appearance. He is 31 years old with a big tattoo on his arm. The picture comes from his personal page, you can watch, dream and masturbate when he is not online. If you follow the series “Vikings” it is known to occur. He has 120 viewers, yet it is very difficult to get in contact with him. He talks hardly or not at all.

Don’t talk, masturbate

A little bit of a pity, after all we come for an intimate conversation with video chat. Only watching a porn video gives little intimacy. Fortunately, the man receives some tips and starts masturbating quickly, no tools like this man. His “pride” still doesn’t seem to be very hard yet. As you can see in the picture below he needs some physical exercise. The tight belly is temporarily gone. You can watch him on

Naked Viking masturbation

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