Muscular men in front of the camera

You are going to meet Andry. A muscular man in front of the camera. The camera of Applicable name for this man. He is Russian and also speaks some English. You can get his Instagram account from his page. He is a fitness model and is live from his room. Knowing Russia, he will be little housed.

Furthermore, his neighbors will have little to do with his music choice and the noise. Andry is standing naked in his small blue kitchen and smells of his meat, out of the fridge. 🙂 Apparently it is too late to eat. His own flesh is on the small side. You don’t have to visit his chat to do that. His sexual orientation is broad, everyone is welcome. “I love your foreskin”. Yes, he was not circumcised.

Why watch this muscular man? Well, you love muscles, an uncircumcised asshole and a good camera and quality. Moreover, you look into his life and learn some Russian words.

Muscled men

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