Chronic masturbator with chest hair

A chronic masturbator with quite a lot of chest hair. His own words. You want a bear or not? He pulls hard on his dick and you obviously saw the clamps on his nipples. First of all there are unfortunately still no clips with sound sensor, a good idea to give him a small shock with every token that falls. Hence, you are the BDSM master on

His 77 viewers enjoy this American guy. You get a clear picture and good sound. You can’t see his face during live chat, and not because he is shy but it’s better for his privacy. The man is naughty in his free time. In private chat it can be different of course.

After a few minutes Pdxedger became hard and he keeps his dick for some time in this position. A it masturbation is enough to keep it hard. Give some tips and let the 43-year-old man cum on his belly!

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